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Moving New Haven Forward


1. Neighborhood Engagement

a. Build the Westville Neighborhood Network in order to create community service projects within the community

b. Put forth a comprehensive complete streets neighborhood agenda. Creating a complete streets neighborhood task force avoids future costly and dangerous mistakes such as the fountain round-about construction.

c. Build up grassroots connection to city policy making.

d. Ensure that constituent services are done year round, not only around election time.

2. Jobs (The city struggles with an unemployment rate that is 12.4% higher than the national average) .

a. Expand access to good jobs in the public and private sector to all New Haven residents by supporting the jobs pipeline through New Haven Works which is an organization that has brought unions, the Chamber of Commerce, and major employers together

3. Small Business

a. Create an ease of access pipeline for small businesses to be created or resourced. Bringing local banks to the table to increase small business lending as President Obama allocated over 80 billion in loans to help people build small businesses. Try to bring Start up America (in partnership with president Obama) here to New Haven in a more accessible way.

4. Participatory Budgeting

a. Informing neighbors about how city budgeting can affect property taxes.

b. Give neighbors the choice to decide how tax dollars will be spent.

c. Provide fresh perspective on the challenges our city faces, informed by solid progressive values and history of public service.

d. Revitalize the city's rainy day fund.

5. Public Safety, crime, and violence

a. Revitalization of block watches (to be informed on crime and receive updates from aldermanic representative)

b. Address crime and violence through strict mechanisms of accountability, supportive effective community policing strategies.

6. Environmental Sustainability

a. Create collaboration with Yale and other interested groups to create a way for homeowners to benefit financially through environmental initiatives.

b. Bring City Seed and create an Upper Westville community garden

c. Solar powered revenue generating

d. Creating a city carbon portfolio